Friday, April 29, 2011

Life of an IT Administrator

So, I'm an IT Administrator.  Sure, you're thinking its all glamorous cause TECH is in nowadays, but its not.  A user of mine just came to me for a 2nd day in a row telling me he has a virus and needs it cleaned out ASAP because he's traveling soon and needs his laptop.  So basically, WTF!
It's 3pm on a Friday, I know this crap is going to take a few hours to TRY and clean, can't rebuild or reimage because that will take TOO long, so now I'm stuck trying to clean out this virus that won't go away.  Might even have to stay late now on a Friday to try and fix this.  I actually like this particular user who brought me this laptop so at least I got that going for me.  But seriously, I've had enough of trying to help people and their laptop issues.
I just want to play with all the COOL GADGETS everyday, is that so much to ask???

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