Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mistral Boston

This is probably my favorite restaurant overall.  Top notch with everything they do.  Many people have asked me for a good place to go out too thats chic, great food, cool atmosphere.  This is it!  I almost always go with the mussels to start with.  They are steamed in a lite tomato sauce of some sort that is great, highly recommended.  Then for an entree its either the Steak Au Poivre or any fish they have on the menu.  Have never been disappointed with either.  Wait staff is VERY friendly and ready to help with any request.  I will actually be @ Mistral this weekend and will be sure to post some pics.

Reservations highly recommended!



so vimeo is pretty cool.  I recently watched a few videos on there and came across this one I thought was done well. Check it out

Incident @ Tower37

The Incident at Tower 37 (full version) from Chris Perry on Vimeo.


ok lets start with what gets mostly everyone through the day.  So if you like coffee, you should check out Flour Bakery.  The place is just solid.  I always go with the Iced Latte, whole milk and of course 2 sticky STICKY buns.  Those are heavenly.  Sandwiches are decent too, if I had to pick a fav, I'd go with the Roast Beef w/horseradish sandwich.  Very good.  Yes, I drive about 30 minutes on a Saturday/Sunday morning just to get their coffee and stick STICKY buns.

BTW - the place is alil small and always packed so its tough to get a seat.

So there it is, first recommendation.  I know pic is bad but I had already taken a bite before taking pic. IT'S THAT GOOD!

Cooking Leg of Lamb

I know this isn't about a restaurant of some sort, but I've cooked this many times, and actually 2 weeks ago, so i felt like blogging about it

Here you go:

1. Buy 1 leg of lamb from supermarket - Try here
2. Rinse the leg of lamb with Greek Wine like this found at local liquor stores - Greek Retsina
3. Now put some extra virgin olive oil on the lamb
4. Put some gloves on and rub some Salt n Pepper onto the leg of lamb, be sure to put a good amount
5. Get this leg onto a rotisserie
6. Get the grill going with LOW fire on all burners and let it cook

Here you go!